Africa Grace founding director and pioneer, in Charlotte Jean, has experienced the gift of nature in her own life, and very dramatically. Charlotte was diagnosed with an untreatable illness in her mid 20s. It was a young age to face possible mortality. It was also the greatest turning point in her life. “There were no answers anywhere else. Slowly, desperately, patiently, I began to discover the power of herbal medicine, working with plants and real food. I ate things that many people would never consider. I also found out that most of my favourite foods weren’t actually living and were actually destroying my body. “It was a journey of epic proportions!”

Over time, Charlotte recovered. “I’d even made my own soap, had all sorts of wild experiments in my kitchen, spent a fortune on exotic berries, herbs and powders from all over the continent, and tried every conceivable natural treatment.”

“Developing organic skincare was a natural, gentle extension of what I had already been doing for years. I’d replaced all the man-made chemicals in my kitchen and my bathroom with pure, natural ingredients and now my friends and clients wanted to know my ‘beauty secrets.’ There were many obstacles. There always will be to your greatest passion and most significant calling.”

“Some people said I could never make products without preservatives. Others said that the market was too cluttered. However, I knew there was more hope,  and more faith, for those with would simply try. One evening, I was chatting with friends, in the way we sometimes all do, about anything and everything. All I could think about were my creams and herbs. Speaking aloud, I wondered, ” How can I capture my vision and turn it into an enterprise for good?” A young girl walked past, and with childlike gravity, she said, “People need this. Just call it Grace.”

A year and a half later in December 2015, on World AIDS Day, AFRICA GRACE was registered. Grace means undeserved favour. To receive what we do not deserve and cannot earn.

We love Africa, we love our people and we believe natural skincare can change the world.



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